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SpaceRemit Consumer Fees
Definitions : Domestic: (Within SpaceRemit) A transaction occurring when both the sender and receiver are registered with or identified by SpaceRemit. International: A transaction occurring when the sender registered. Across merchants : A transaction identified by SpaceRemit as residents of the same market.

Method type Fees Note
Deposit No Fee Fees may applied on some methods
Withdraw (International) 0.5 USD + 1.5 % Agent fees may applied at 2 USD or 1 % Depending on the method
Domestic (Within spaceremit) No Fee -
Invoices (local payment) No Fee -
Invoices (visa & mastercard) 0.35 USD + 10 % -
Across merchants (Local payment) No Fee -
Across merchants (visa & mastercard) 0.5 USD + 5.9 % -
All prices are in us dollar. Amount will be converted form USD to the beneficiary's local currency. The beneficiary will receive from the original transacted amount.