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Frequently Asked Questions
This document provides answers to common questions from customers:
How to withdraw money from my account?
From "Send money" section, select your country and the payment method you have then click "send now"
Who do I contact if I have questions or need support?
You can visit help center or contact us on [email protected].
How long does a payment usually take to process?
In the normal situation, the procedures are carried out on our side within a few hours or minutes, some methods take additional time, such as bank transfers.
Can I add SpaceRemit to my store as a payment method?
Yes, please read the API docs for more details.
Does not verifying the account prevent me from receiving payments?
No, it doesn't.
What are SpaceRemit's fees?
Please visit "Fees and charges" page.
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
visit our login page on a web browser and click Forgot password. Enter the email address you use for SpaceRemit and click Send. We'll email you a code. Enter the code on screen and click send. Then we'll ask you to create a new password.
How do i get verified?
Go to Verification center Fill in the application form. Tap Send. Within a few days or a week, you’ll receive a response
I want my money back. Can I cancel a payment?
It’s not possible to cancel a completed payment from your SpaceRemit account.
What countries does SpaceRemit support?
SpaceRemit is available in more than 18 countries and regions. You can use SpaceRemit to send and receive payments securely worldwide.
Why did I not receive the confirmation email?
1-check spam box. 2-Make sure you typed the email correctly.